Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sarah and Sean, Sitting in a Tree...

As I predicted, the Sean Hannity "interview " with Sarah Palin was a big, kissy-face love-fest between the two right-wing extremists. With Palin dolled-up in full shiny Fox Noise Female make-up, the two cooed and flirted with each other, as Hannity set the softballs up on the tee and Palin cautiously swung, hitting weak grounders to an infield that had already gone home for the day. As the ball trickled through the grass, Palin rounded the bases with no challenges. Hannity sat back in smug wonder and immediately declared a home run.

Here are the "questions" Hannity used to draw out Palin to her talking points. These are literally all the "subjects" covered:
  • You said when you were asked to be Senator McCain's running mate that you didn't hesitate, you didn't blink. Tell us about the call, when that came....What was your family's reaction? Was there time to huddle and have a hockey team meeting? Subtext: Let's hear how warm and cuddly you are.
  • Do you believe that the fundamentals of our economy are strong?...Is Senator Obama then using what happened on Wall Street this week? Is he using it for political gain? Is there a danger of a presidential candidate is saying to the world that America's situation of economic crisis is the worst that we've seen in decades — which was words that he was using yesterday — is there a danger in terms of the world hearing that? Obama = danger, get it?
  • Who is responsible for these failing institutions, in your view?...We read this morning that AIG is going to get some type of government bailout. Was that the right call? Even though you said it was a wrong call the day before...well, never mind that.
  • You have 354 lawmakers got money from Fannie and Freddie — 354. If you look at the years from 1989 to 2008, the second top recipient was Senator Barack Obama. Should there be an investigation in terms of the relationship between the political donations and then, of course, the bankruptcy that ensued and the impact on the economy? Release talking point on Obama's contributions. Don't mention McCain did exactly the same thing.
  • How do you make [the elimination of earmarks] happen? Look how partisan it is in Washington right now. How do you get that accomplished? Tell us, SAY-rah, how tough you and McCain are going to be.
  • The people of Alaska get — for example, there's no income tax, there's no sales tax in Alaska. The average citizen — if I was a resident of Alaska, you would write me a check every year for $2,069? And then you also gave recently an extra check for $1,200?...I have to move to Alaska. New York taxes are killing me. Ba dup bum
  • For those that maybe buy into that class warfare agreement or think, why shouldn't the rich pay more? My question to you is the converse: why does everyone benefit if the rich pay less or if everybody pays less in taxes? Why is that good for the economy? Insert GOP taxes-are-bad points here.
  • Do you think these attacks, ratcheting up these attacks by Barack Obama and by Senator Biden [on McCain] , do you think these attacks will be effective? I'm guessing "no".
  • How did you take on your own party, specifically? And do you think you'd be able to do that, as well, in Washington? Have Republicans in Washington lost their way in recent years? The hero, the marerick, Sarah America...
  • Governor, have you spoken with Senator McCain about your specific role in the McCain administration? No, really, have you?
  • You know, it's clear I've heard you talk passionately about your love for your state of Alaska...You know, why then why then would you support drilling in Alaska? Why would that be a good thing? Why would you want to do that? How good is drilling? Drilling is good right? Drill, drill, drill...
  • We're importing, what, 70 percent of our oil. Do you view this as a national security issue, an economic security issue? And what is the impact for Americans down the road if we don't do something to solve our energy dependence? Insert your energy-as-national-security-credentials here...
  • Did you watch Tina Fey on "Saturday Night Live"? Yes, with the sound off, said Palin. Raise your hand if you believe that one. Not you, Esenberg.

Well, as it turns out, the air is out of the Palin bounce. And the New York Times poll shows that 75 percent of those polled said she was picked for cynical politcal reasons, not because she was qualified.

But don't tell that to Sean Hannity. He is still swooning over his date with Palin and hoping for more. He served his role as McCain campaign surrogate to the hilt, as expected. And Palin, even with his extraordinary help, continued to be remarkably bland and unimpressive. With his lame response to the finanical crisis this week and the new aggressive Obama hitting hard, the McCain campaign is in free-fall. And this embarassing make-out session between Hannity and Palin ain't gonna help.


Doug said...


Palin hit home runs out of the park, the fact, that you, Mike, is going insane over Palin, smearing and demeaning her proves she is doing very well. Mike, a simple analogy is that you are like the Shepaerd Express, if a person knows nothing of a topic, do the opposite of what that rag is suggesting, and a person then is doing the right thing.

Mike, you liberal moonbats are just making Palin stronger. Mainstream america is paying attention to your moonbats lies and smears, and making it all the more likely that McCain will win, keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Dog, you can't be serious? Hannity's slow pitch softball tournament was a RNC promo piece that should have run at the convention. All the bloviating about Obama sitting down with O'Really for a "real" interview and the wingnuts cite this fawnfest as a "home run"? It's possible you're fooling yourself, but based on the latest polling data it ain't convincing anybody else

The best thing for the GOP would be an Obama landslide that forced the party to (at last) summon the enema nurse.

Joe Mamma

Doug said...

Current polling shows McCain will win. Can't recall idiots name, but when a LA California mayor, who was black, was leading in all polls prior to election, he lost!!!Obama may or may not win, but anonymous it will NOT be a landslide. When people who say they are independent or will vote for Obama go into the booth, will they?

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug, show us the polls today which show McCain ahead! This is slipping away and McCain doesn't know what to do. Watch for him try to scuttle the VP debate next. Biden may be a blowhard, but he will score a knockout next week. Face it -- she's an idiot.

Gus said...

This is typical libtard Plaisted Romper Room.
Plaisted is a libtard. Palin isn't.
Ergo, Palin is stupid, dumb, really dumb, stupid or stupider!
Simply because Libtards like Plaisted are hateful and intolerant.
Plaisted really digs morons who after serving 36 years in the Senate, doesn't know where the Senates powers are derived from,and is unaware of the duties and consitutional Vice Presidential job requirements, nor does this dim dim ego-capped teeth, loser, know who was President when the Stock Market crashed in '29, nor did Joe Biden know that TV hadn't been invented yet. HOPE AND CHANGE?? INDEEED.
Libs are deluded. Plaisted is deluded.
So what we have left a racist and sexist.
Good work Mike, you are the complete dim bulb package.
Tell us all how Joe Biden is "the man", right after telling us exactly how Barry Obama is qualified to run a Burger King.
Libs in general, are very very stupid.
Plaisted fits the mold.
Plaisted is a libtard.