Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Audacity of Nope

The unanimity that the Republicans in the House have shown in opposition to the stimulus bill just signed by President Obama is really amazing. Just what does that House Republican leadership have to whip anyone with? Keys to the GOP-only washroom? Dinner dates with Newt Gingrich and Bill Kristol? Promises of ambassadorships in the next Republican administration? Ha! Who would believe there is ever going to be one? Whatever the reason, all the House Republicans have decided to make a bad bed and sleep in it, satisfied only with themselves and accomplished of nothing.

Good. Hoist them on their own petard, I say. In a short 20 months, they will be facing another election with the tangible benefits of the stimulus bill all around them as they tour their districts. It should provide some interesting constituent interactions: See that road-building over there? I voted against it. Those cranes around that new green building being rehabbed in the middle of town? I voted against it. You got laid off and got more weeks of coverage and got $25 more per week while you tried to get back on your feet? I voted against it. Now, can I count on your vote? Hey, where’d ya go?

You wonder, really, about all those congresspeople in swing districts and why they would throw in with their increasingly overheated and hyper-partisan brethren. What about Wisconsin’s own Tom Petri, whose 6th District is just north and west of here? Unlike GOP glamor-puss Paul Ryan and North Shore neanderthal Jim Sensenbrenner, Petri often votes with the Dems on issues important to his district or to good government. What’s his problem on the stimulus bill? "...it simply was not focused enough on short-term stimulation," he says on his web site. Well, "not enough" is not nothing and there should be enough going on in his district in a year to make people wonder what he was thinking. Not to mention the increased strength of any Democratic challenger he will certainly draw next year.

Republican governors, on the other hand, are smartly and desperately embracing the stimulus bill. Their eyes closer to the ground in their states and free from the dark hands of people like the new dweeb in town, GOP House Whip Tom Cantor, the governors are playing the role of grown-ups to the children in the GOP House. They have one thing in common with President Obama – they are responsible for getting things going in their states and are less likely to participate in cheap posturing.

But, posture they have in the House, putting the very survival of the Republican party on the line and in deep jeopardy. The Washington elite in the GOP are betting they will be able to do the same thing they tried to do to Bill Clinton – prevent him from being a success. Despite their best efforts, a pack of lying Arkansans and Clinton’s own temporary personal weakness, Clinton's administration was still broadly successful and popular. Obama is even more likely to succeed, if only because only the hapless GOP doesn’t want him to.

The tireless and tiresome radio squawkers that so dominate what passes for Republican "thought" have been talking since early last year that the party’s cratering fortunes were as a result of their candidates not being nut-right enough. Unfortunately for them, the House Republicans and the RNC -- with the ludicrous choice of hyper-partisan Michael Steele as chairman -- appear to have drunk that Kool Aid.

The NoBama Republicans are hoping they can use their useful idiots on mainstream radio to make enough noise about the inevitable small failures of the stimulus package to make people forget the bigger picture of more confidence in an inspiring president and a brighter future through cash infusion into the economy. They’ll lose that bet, big time, in 2010. What will be the margin in the Senate in 2011 – 65-35? How many of the lemmings in the House will be pushed off the cliff as a price of their ridiculous unity -- 20 more seats? The Blue-ing of America continues and the long slide of Republicans into irrelevancy continues and, in fact, through their own arrogant ineptitude, accelerates.


Anonymous said...

How DARE those republicans vote against the stimulus that The Almighty just signed today.

I hope there's a provision in the package for silencing dissenting voice when it comes to democrat-led legislation.

Anonymous said...

lmao Republicans will win 10-15 senate seats in 2010 just based on the niggers current fuckups

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (2nd post) - You are an ignorant bigot. Do you realize that only 1/3 of the senate seats are up for election in 2010 and that some of them are currently Republicans? Gaining 10-15 seats is impossible. As a conservative who is proud of the Republicans' nearly unanimous opposition to this fiscal disaster I kindly ask you to do us all a favor and keep your asinine comments to yourself.

Anonymous said...

You're not intelligent enough to know why the Repub's voted no, so I'll tell you.

Repub's votes in the House were not needed--plain and simple.

They think--as I do--that the spending bill will ultimately fail in time for the 2010-12 elections.

Who's going to buy US debt and be paid back with increasingly worthless dollars?

Either the Lefty-wingnuts will receive 100% of the credit or 100% of the blame for the US economy. Think, why isn't Obozo talking Americans into buying US Savings bonds?

Keep getting your "in the tank for Obozo" talking points from Keith Olberdork and Rachel Madcow who work at MSDNC.


Matt said...

Less racist anonymous accuses Plaisted of not understanding why Repubs voted against the stimulus package. Apparently its some realpolitick thing, whereby they hope it doesn't work and then the democrats will get blamed for the economy.

Well, gee, how clever. And I guess the democrats think it will work and then the democrats will get blamed for the economy.

So one's a party full of Republican First, America Second assholes who hope we all lose our jobs so Scott Walker can be governor in two years.

The others are democrats.

Sad, cynical lonely bastards.

Credit where it is due, though. Obama and the democrats didn't start this crap. They also didn't start bailouts (or wars) or trillion dollar debts and a whole bunch of other stuff that republicans started to answer for only three months ago. The Republicans are an idea free party (unless tax cuts are an idea. Gee why didn't George Bush do that? Oh yeah) and really are struggling to come up with ideas. As such no one will much listen to them, which causes mongoloids like more racist Anonymous to bang on the keyboard until the stupidest possible comment comes out.

Perhaps instead of bailing out bankers we could publicly fund anger management and special ed courses for some of Plaisted's more committed commentors.

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

LMAO, Matt and Jim are unemployed or underemployed bitter liberals looking for government handouts, typical moonbat liberals, howling into the empty void that is Mike Plaisted little site where nobody is listening