Thursday, October 21, 2010

Screw Juan Williams...

...and Bob Beckel and Susan Estrich and Pat Cadell and Doug Schoen and Alan Colmes and all those other Fox-enabling Democrat/Liberal whores who appear on Fox News.  This Fox stable of washed-up Dem politicos, who could not get hired by a current campaign if their life depended on it, grant legitimacy to the illegitimate alternate factual universe of  Fox, where up is down, black is white, and an overly market-based solution to a severe health insurance problem is a socialist government takeover.  They sit in studios with putrid people like Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter and Bill O'Reilly, agree too much with the wingnut hosts, and pretend the difference between left and right is just a matter of degree.  Screw them all.

The difference between the rest of these soulless skanks and Williams is that Williams was also employed by a real journalistic institution with ethics, standards and credibility it sought to protect.  Why NPR let Williams do his sickening "I sometimes disagree with you, but you're a great guy" routine on Fox for so long is beyond me.  Just the phase "Juan Williams of National Public Radio" (or, for that matter, milquetoast Republican Mara Liasson) granted undue legitimacy to the Fox News opinion panels as somehow "fair and balanced".  Anyone that can sit in the same room with the likes of Brit Hume, Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer on a regular basis and not run out screaming is simply not the real journalist they pretend to be. 

NPR had a specific code of ethics that they did not enforce strongly enough with Williams as he not only appeared on Fox' fake "news" programs, but also on Hannity and O'Reilly's screedfests as well.  In fact, he is a regular fill-in for O'Reilly, facilitating the promotion of ridiculous right-wing story-lines just like the regular host.  No legitimate news organization would allow their reporters or even their part-time commentators (Williams was not on NPR much, anyway) to get on TV with overheated nutbags and engage them in opinionated banter.  Williams' stupid, bigoted statements about peaceful Muslims on planes was just the last straw.  They should have tossed him out on his ear long ago.  He never had that much interesting to say anyway.

Now, Williams is a cause celeb for the right-wing, allowing himself to be used as a poor victim by the nation's most sinister forces.  He has dropped all pretense and signed a $2 million contract with Fox, leaving whatever dignity he had left as a reporter and commenter in the real world far behind.  Thus does the whore move in to the mansion. Beckel, Cadell and company should be so lucky.

Screw Juan Williams.  Good riddance.


Anonymous said...


I know it hurts. I know you feel it coming and your world of "hope and change" is circling the bowl, but isn't a bit early to be eating your own? You've got weeks, months, and years of pain in front of you. Slow down or you will be out of people to attack and blame before you get to Mr. Obama.

Also, I find more than a hint of hypocrisy on your part, attacking the "liberal whores" for not being strict party-line zealots when it comes to Fox News (and their liberalism in general). Yet, you have been and would be the first to rant and rave about the "wing-nut" conservatives who are so out of touch and idiotic that they adhere to a strict brand of conservatism when they should clearly moderate their positions for "the good of the country."

Which is it Mike? Shall we sing Kumbaya in the sea of moderation, or adhere to our principles no matter what, be they liberal or conservative?

AutismNewsBeat said...

Anon, there is nothing conservative about Fox News. Murdoch's network is the house organ of the Republican Party. True conservatives encourage gay marriage, and seek a market solution, as Mike pointed out, to the health care crisis. A true conservative would discourage nation building in Afghanistan and Iraq, and express horror at the state sanctioned torture of suspected enemy combatants. A conservative does not jettison science for political gain, as Fox does when it denies global warming, baselessly attacks the vaccine program, undermines health education in public schools, and pushes for teaching religious dogma in high school biology classes.

Anonymous said...

No Mikey, screw you!!! November 2 is comming and you liberal cowards are gonna lose big,the Obamination, lets hope is finished destroying this country as Republican majorities in the House block anything and everything that piece of shit tries to pass.

Mike we are not the party of no, we are the party of FUCK NO!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on you bloviating big mouth piece of shit, where is the big talk about the "evil" Scott Walker losing or your hero Feingold winning? Because it is a slam dunk that Wisconsin is going to FIRE Feingold on Teusday and say no to Diasterous Doyles third term in Barrett. Nationally, its even worse for you extremee lefty whack jobs as the House and increasingly like the Senate falls to the GOP as well. Obamainations agenda is destoyed for the rest of his one term presidency

Anonymous said...


WALKER Govenor Elect
Johnson Senator Elect

Most of Wisconsin senate and Assembly GOP Elect Bitch

Most of the Country GOP Elect

2012 We Finish the JOB BITCH!!

Anonymous said...

Ease back into it Mike. Collect your thoughts, figure out how you can spin this, and then spew your rant about the elction results. What I would hate to see is some half-cocked post like the one after the 2008 election proclaiming that the GOP would be in the political wilderness for 40 years. Seriously, give it some thought. I look forward to it.