Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome to Mondo Media

After an extremely depressing November election -- especially in Wisconsin, where our tradition of progressive government is about to be destroyed by a determined cadre of radical right-wing unchecked Republicans -- and a long, clean break from my erratic posting as Plaisted Writes, I have decided to jump back into the fray. 

This page has a new name (but the same address, just so it's easier for my previous readers to find me). Mondo Media is the name of a column of media commentary I had back in the early '80s at the Daily Cardinal.  I also used it axs one of several titles on a vastly-unread Salon blog I had before this one.  I tried to find something more clever and less used.  Generation of Swine was a contender, aptly describing, as it does, the Republicans about to descend on Madison; but, who wants to get in a conflict with the Hunter Thompson estate?  Not with all those guns still, no doubt, stored and ready at Woody Creek.  Revolution Blues was another possibility; but that Neil Young chestnut about the musings of a Manson-ish clan member ("I hear that Laurel Canyon is full of famous stars/But I hate them worse than lepers and I'll kill them in their cars") can be, well, misunderstood.  So, Mondo Media it is for now, but I'm open to suggestions. 

The focus will remain somewhat the same, but I hope to mix it up a bit.  Another goal I have is to have a regular publication schedule, for the benefit of both my readers' expectations and my own disciplinary needs (which are many).  I'm thinking about a Tuesday/Friday/Sunday schedule.  It would all depend on work and family priorities, but it might work most of the time.  I can't do the short stuff (for that, I again recommend the brilliant IT), so I'll probably stay with longer essays, much to the consternation of my most trusted advisers.

In any event, tomorrow's post will take the radical Republcians to task for their direct attack on democracy in Wisconsin, which they have pledged to make their first order of business. 

Thanks to all those who wanted to read more of my writing.  I hope to provide a better and more consistent place for me and my readers to write, read, think, argue and comment.  See you there (here).


xoff said...

Welcome news. You have a lot to contribute.

ΕΡΜΕΣ said...


Anonymous said...

xoff is an idiot, seen him on jsonline, a blithering idiot. Mikey, stay retired your ignorance has not been missed.

Mike Plaisted said...

Ah, and so we hear from the anonymous Mikey-caller! Still a coward, still wrong. You may not have missed me, but I missed you, you loveable dope you!