Saturday, May 24, 2008

Peace Through Music - Lennon Tribute on Sunday

Join me and a few hundred friends for the annual Peace Through Music benefit at Linneman's this Sunday night, featuring the music of John Lennon. It is a benefit for WAVE and the Brady Campaign, both dedicated to curbing handgun violence. The performers are some of the best Milwaukee has to offer and a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

As I have the past several years, I will be acting as host for the entire evening -- always an adventure, especially after midnight. I will be performing early -- at 7:30 -- with a band and the best of musical intentions.
With wack-job right-wing bloggers celebrating the gun culture (my favorite from B&S: "Congratulations to Brandon at GOP3 on the purchase of his first handgun!" Go get 'em, killer!) and all reasonable gun control efforts being challenged in court by gun industry (not gun-owner) flacks in the NRA, it is more important than ever to support efforts to curb handgun violence.
Show your support and get great music in your ears on Sunday night!


Unknown said...

looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Went and had a great time!


Anonymous said...

You asked me what I wanted said about my band, I told you. You didn't say what I asked and stomped off saying that you'll give us the intro we deserve. You proceded to say that the danglers will play as soon as were done setting up and took off. You're a lousy MC and kinda of a jerk, but I like your blog. I realize that being a MC is tough work, but get a sense of humor. Playing music can be fun and funny. But, if you go into a situation expecting one thing and when confronted with another instead of playing along and seeing the humor, you regard it as some personal insult and reflect to an audience your disgust with the band, you are wrong. A. You didn't go along with what I wanted said, even though you asked, and I was quite serious. and B. You proceeded to try to make us look like we had no place there. Why? Because I'd rather have fun then pretend like this was our golden oppertunity? We worked just as hard on our songs as you did and thusly deserve the same respect that you do. As a MC, should I have said instead,'The Danglers think hanggun violence sucks, but we're packing pistols for your daughters' you should just say it and shut up. It's a reflection on us not you, but to you there is journalistic morality attached. You've forgotten what rock n' roll is. Good luck crabby.
Jason Loveall
The Danglers