Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Agenda for Right-Wing Blogger Training

The right-wing front-group Americans for "Prosperity" is sponsoring a blogger training next week in Oshkosh and Madison. It’s free and open to anyone, I assume, so I look forward to learning much when I attend either or both.

Don’t ask me how, but I managed to acquire a copy of the agenda:
  • Introduction: Bringing the 19th Century Mentality to a 21st Century Medium: A Primer
  • Originality...What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothin’! – The Importance of Message Discipline
  • PC Stands for Pelosi and Clinton – Finding Words That Rhyme With "Witch"
  • Breaking News: How to Embed GOP Commercials and Memos From Scott Walker in Your Blog
  • Gun Lust for Amateurs – Feeling the Heat (featured speaker: Owen Robinson)
  • A Case Study: The Importance of Nancy Pelosi’s Scarf
  • The Freedom of Diversity – Using Racist Language Against Your Own Race (featured speaker: James T. Harris)
  • Hit and Run for Fun: Anonymous Posting on Liberal Comment Threads
  • Repeating the Lie – Why We All Say The Same Things All The Time
  • The Rove E-Mail – A Message A Day Keeps The Dems Away
  • Bashing Obama – Who Needs Truth When Innuendo and Guilt-by Association Will Do?
  • The McCain Conundrum – Holding Your Nose and Typing With One Hand
  • After the Fall – What to Do After November 4th, When No One Cares What We Think

Reception to follow...


James Wigderson said...

Oh, let me guess. You got it through the coat hanger antenna on your tinfoil hat?

Mike Plaisted said...

Ha! Tin-Foil Hat! God, what a knee-slapper. I've cracked up every one of the 20 times you've used it. A classic! I hope you share it with your class in Oshkosh so they can add it to their scripts. Can't get enough of it.

Actually, I found it on a copy machine in the Capitol.

Besides, I retired the Tin-Foil Hat. It now sits on my TV -- grabs HBO HD off the satellite. Works like a charm.

illusory tenant said...

Blogger Training School.

Ye gods. How about a lesson for AFP in how to size a .jpeg image so it's not a pixelated dog's breakfast.

Tom said...

Damn bastards! In their ad, they're using the same background I use for my blog! Now I'm going to have to find a new one. Maybe I'll go Red, White and Blue. w00t! I love America!

Anonymous said...

Classic. Keep it up.

Roland Melnick said...

James, Mike...I have a deal for you both to consider.

1) James agrees to ditch the tinfoil hat references. They are old. Besides, I took his hat weeks ago to block the morning GOP downloads that kept interrupting my morning coffee and crossword. (Sorry Mike but you've actually been paying money to that evil corporation, Home Box Office Inc., for your programming.)

2) Mike agrees to stop dismissing everyone with a contradictory viewpoint as a "talking point" parrot. This is not only getting old, but downright lazy as well.

Can we rise above our partisan bickering to find common ground?

Anonymous said...

Mike: I assume you know how to read. This is how you must have found out about our events since we post all our activities to our web site.

Look forward to seeing you in Oshkosh and Madison.

Display Name said...

Ill, I wonder if the pixelated image is due to it having been targeted for a mass emailing. It's a seeming fake image, a composite to make it look like it's a screen grab from a web page.

Can we start a contest to make up alternative meanings for "AFP"?

I'm a little disappointed by Mark Block's comments regarding the GM plant closing and the potential for a refund. He claims that the citizens could use the money more "efficiently". Whatever happened to the old reliable argument that it's their money to begin with, and if they want to buy lottery tickets or an SUV, it's their business?

Unknown said...

hee hee! Owen is such a douche!