Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Did Bush admit lying this afternoon? Yes, he did.

He was asked at today’s press conference why he told various reporters last week that Rumsfeld would serve until the end of his term. He said, well, if he had answered it honestly, it would have inserted an extra issue into the election discussion. Later, he threw in something about trying to protect soldiers from discussions about changing tactics during elections or "war time" or both.

He didn’t decide yet, he said, and hadn’t talked to the successor, Robert Gates, yet, he said, so he lied.

For political reasons. He lied.

Oh, by the way, is the promise about Cheney sticking around still operative? Yes. Sure it is. Why? Because he said so.

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atarijpb said...

It was surreal watching it today. The emperor truly wears no clothes.