Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Post 1 -- Reading Between the Lines

Alright, I don't have one of those real-time blog thingees, so I'll just post once in a while and see what happens. I will be looking and responding to comments and will post interesting ones in the body, to highlight the genius of my readership.

As we come up on 6 p.m., the networks and cable stations are playing read-between-the-lines. My god, is this what it was like in 2004? [I missed that coverage because I was vote-protecting in Crandon. ] Good sign after good sign for the Dems. Turnout, focus on issues like Iraq and stem cells -- the exit polls are our friends, for now. CBS reports that Bush and Rove are in Crawford, looking for Harry Reid's phone number.

In the meantime, Chris Matthews and Ken Olberman are on MSNBC, talking about how the GOP is going to get back in power by 2008 (if you guessed "scorched earth policy", pat yourself on the back.)

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