Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Post 2 -- Too Early to Call

The first winner of the night -- a Socialist! Yes, Bernie Sanders goes to the Senate from Vermont.

CNN is running a bunch of zeros under the screen. At least those damn scrolls are taking a break for the night.

Lugar in Indiana!

This Battle of the Graphics bewteen the cable networks is mind-crushing. Jeff Greenfield and Wolf Blitzer are walking in front of a video wall of red and blue partial results, like they are strolling in some twisted art museum (Jeff, what is this piece telling you?) Greenfield spent five minutes explaining the color scheme of their Senate counting graphic (white circles bordered by red are Republican seats, white surrounded by blue...oh, never mind).

Strickland for Governor in Ohio -- the King of the Fix in the 2004 election, Kenneth Blackwell bites the dust. Good riddance.

Byrd in West Virginia!

Wait, CNN has a camera on Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emannuel, wherever they are.

Like I said, this is overload. Give me Cronkite staring silently at his desk, waiting for real news to happen, any day.

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